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Children's Activity Pack!

Children's Activity Pack!
posted 21 Apr 2021

South Kesteven District Council has been working with Rhubarb Theatre to produce an activity pack for South Kesteven schools. This pack has been produced to help inspire and inform KS2 children about the environment in a fun and active way, supporting and reinforcing important messages.

 It includes:  

40 inspiring activities using drama, movement, craft and music that can be run in the classroom or adapted for home.

Facts about how every child and family can make a difference.

Advice about recycling in your districts.

Information about Rhubarb Theatre’s new touring show ‘Dustbin Doris’ – see the exciting new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8DqW3MqDiY&t=9s


Over the last year we’ve all focused on COVID-19, however environmental issues have not gone away. The lockdown has resulted in more people needing to get out into open spaces for their physical and mental health. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase of tipping and littering. Pollution and the negative impact humans have on our natural world are all too noticeable. Challenges such as these are addressed in this pack, enforcing a message to not only protect our wildlife, but also to make the South Kesteven countryside a more beautiful place to explore, walk, cycle and ride in.


The pack is easy to access, follow this link: https://www.rhubarbtheatre.co.uk/enviro-activities/

The activities are written for teachers, however, can easily be adapted for home-learning, so we encourage you to pass on this information to parents and carers, so they can use the pack too.


We hope you find this online resource useful and fun to use.  We would welcome your feedback to help inform us of what you liked about the pack and what worked well or how it could be improved. Please see the short feedback form on the next page. We would greatly appreciate it if you could complete this and send back it to info@rhubarbtheatre.co.uk or jo.dobbs@southkesteven.gov.uk.


Have fun!



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