Equinox - Saxophone Ensemble

Equinox - Saxophone Ensemble

A Grantham Music Club concert.

Venue: ChristChurch Finkin Street

Versatile and original, the Equinox Saxophone Ensemble is a group of like-minded, accomplished saxophonists with a passion for exploring the possibilities the saxophone can offer. From early music, through classical transcriptions, original and contemporary works, folk and jazz, Equinox presents the saxophone as a chameleon-like instrument capable of taking on many personalities. The group's unique and compelling sound comes from the combination of instruments and the occasional use of electronics, keyboards and percussion, which provide variety and flexibility in the programming. Director Alistair Parnell is a leading proponent of electronic wind instruments, which are often featured in the Equinox line-up. Great emphasis is placed on presentation and making programmes accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience. Performances appeal to young and old, the regular concert-goer and casual listener alike.

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Important Information

Venue: ChristChurch, Finkin Street,

Price: £15, students free

Running time: TBC

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