"Faces" an Exhibition by Gabi Gabrush

"Faces" an Exhibition by Gabi Gabrush

My name is Gabi, from this exhibition forwards I will use Gabi Gabrush as a professional name for my art and design works.

I was an artist and mural painter in Poland. I have lived in the UK since 2013 and in Grantham from 2018.

I graduated from The Academy Of Fine Arts in Warsaw, currently I am studying Graphic Design at Grantham College and believe I am their oldest student right now :)

This is my second exhibition in Grantham, the first one was about 3 years ago in the Isaac Newton Centre.

My exhibition is about faces and relationships. I like to draw and paint people of different ages from the innocent and sweet children's faces to the tired, furrowed faces of older people. 

I am interested in the history of people whose face is like a record, a diary or sometimes just a mask.
In my art I use different techniques to explore their possibilities and power of expression.

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Monday 19th September 2022 - Friday 7th October 2022

All copyrights of the art work are reserved to Gabi.

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