Animal Club: Animal Handling Sessions
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Animal Club: Animal Handling Sessions

At Animal-Club we love animals! Our mission is to amaze, enthuse and educate our visitors all about the animal kingdom because we believe they have so much to teach us. Our presenters are incredibly passionate about their animals and want to share their love and expertise with a wider audience.

We have all sorts of beautiful, cuddly and fascinating animals that can be brought along to you, above all we want you to have fun.

The sessions we deliver are highly interactive and involve the option of handling the animals and learning amazing facts about each one.

Our presenters have a large range of animals that they are the experts on. Some are cuddly, some unusual and certainly all are very interesting. Each animal will be introduced to the group in a way that is stress-free for the animal and also educational and fun. All of the animals are pets. Hence, most of our animals can be handled during each session.

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Important Information

Venue: Guildhall, Ballroom

Price: £8 per child (adults free)

Children must be 3+ and accompanied by an adult

Running time: 45 minutes


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