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“The Moment it Clicks”  by Paul Bilbrough Photography and Neil and Viv Photography

“The Moment it Clicks” by Paul Bilbrough Photography and Neil and Viv Photography

New photography display!


The latest exhibition from Paul Bilbrough Photography showcases an eclectic collection of images spanning diverse themes, including wildlife, architecture, and transportation. Each piece embodies the overarching theme of "When It Clicks," capturing moments that either emerged during casual strolls through the city or were meticulously composed during targeted photoshoots. This dynamic interplay between the spontaneous and the deliberate invites viewers into a world where each snapshot tells a story of a fleeting second perfectly preserved.

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Neil and Viv Photography is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic photographers, whose passion is to try and capture the world around them.  Irrespective of subject matter we always enjoy the processes of capturing those special moments in time, which are perhaps unique to the world of photography. Whether or not they are perceived as art is down to you the viewer.  All we hope is that viewing our images bring you the same enjoyment that we had in making them.

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  • Mon 17 June - 29 June

Where: Cafe Exhibition Area

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